A Letter from the Executive Director

Letter from the Interim Executive Director

On August 23, AoA’s Board of Directors selected me as Interim Executive Director, to serve until a permanent replacement is chosen.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help guide AoA for even a short while. Having lived in Elizabeth City since 1977 and previously served on the AoA Board, I recognize how important AoA’s mission is to the success of Elizabeth City and this region.

Local employers and real estate brokers often relate how new families moving to the area invariably come to AoA to see what activities are available to them. We understand our role in providing enriching and entertaining cultural experiences for our community, and welcome the opportunity to let AoA make the first impression for new visitors.

Just as important, we need long-term residents to rediscover what AoA has to offer – an impressive range of visual and performing arts events. Whether it is a gallery opening, a musical theater performance by the acclaimed Center Players, a local or new musical group, a film festival, a local theater company production filled with our neighbors and friends, or a music/acting/art lesson for a child or adult, we want you to feel that you have a stake in how well AoA fulfills its mission:

To advance performing and visual arts for the communities and visitors of Northeast North Carolina through innovative artistic collaboration, diverse performance, cultural enrichment, and arts education in the arts hub of downtown Elizabeth City.

We all need AoA to thrive. Our board, staff and volunteers will do their part. Now we need you to do your part: See an event, take a class, attend a performance or a gallery opening, purchase some art, and give AoA your time, energy, money and/or talents. We look forward to your support.

Mark Maland
September 15, 2018