H.A.S. It Tours

Elizabeth City

H.A.S. It!

History! Art! Science! Visit three of Elizabeth City’s downtown icons in this collaborative offering between The Museum of the Albemarle, Arts of the Albemarle, and Port Discover. Each organization is excited to share hands-on activities with your students. We’d love for you to see our spaces and learn about what each us has to offer!

AOA Activity Options

All H.A.S. It Tours include a visit to our four gallery spaces along with your choice of a visual-arts or

theatre themed activity. Please specify activity choice when registering for the tour. 

The Actor’s Toolkit

Go backstage at the Maguire Theatre to

see how theatre companies make magic

happen for audiences. Then, explore how

actors use their body, voice, and mind to

create a character and tell a story

with a range of age-appropriate theatre games.

Picasso, Please!

Get to know one of the world’s most famous

artists with the story of Picasso and the Girl 

with the Ponytail. Then, experiment with

Picasso’s technique as you create your

own bold, mini masterpiece.

To schedule a H.A.S. It Tour, contact Lori Meads at Museum of the Albemarle

lori.meads@ncdcr.gov   252-335-1453