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Rebecca Davis (Painter)

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Debi Feinman (Photographer)

Debi Feinman Photography Website

About Debi:

Debi’s curiosity for photography began when she was a teenager, at a time when pictures were still captured on film. With the transition to digital cameras she became unleashed, taking a myriad of photos over the years.  This allowed her to experiment and develop her creative expression, refine her ability to view the world from a unique perspective and discover how to create a photograph that evokes emotion.


Terry Firkins (Artist)

Instagram: Terry_Firkins

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/terryfirkins

Facebook: http://facebook.com/TerryFirkins

Website: http://terryfirkins.com/

E-mail: firkinst@gmail.com



Susan Owens (Oil Painting, Palette Knives, Cold Wax, Oil)

Website: http://www.susanowensstudio.com/


Chrystal Hardt (Painter)

On Facebook

Preferred contact via E-mail: canddhardt@embarqmail.com


Jackie Zagon, artist

Website: www.jackiezagon.com

Preferred contact via e-mail address: j.zagon@mchsi.com


Darlene Tighe, Photographer


DDCTighe (Instagram)





Barbara Wachter, Artist

Website: http://www.barbarawachter.com/

Contact by e-mail: bjwachter@stoneport.com

2nd Place Painting – “Beauty of a Working Harbour” by Barbara Wachter