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Rebecca Davis (Painter)

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Terry Firkins (Artist)

Instagram: Terry_Firkins

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/terryfirkins

Facebook: http://facebook.com/TerryFirkins

Website: http://terryfirkins.com/

E-mail: firkinst@gmail.com

This is the image used on the postcard announcing my recent solo exhibition at The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago.  The exhibition of 60 new multi-media abstracts was entitled The Saddest Happy Ending, subtitled The Passion Through the Eyes of Peter. The title of this particular painting is “Hypocrite.”

fullsizeoutput_4ce terry firkins


Susan Owens (Oil Painting, Palette Knives, Cold Wax, Oil)

Website: http://www.susanowensstudio.com/

susan owens b1975b3e644eafdadab21d894f5b8ad6


Chrystal Hardt (Painter)

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Preferred contact via E-mail: canddhardt@embarqmail.com

chrystal hardt IMG_4626


Jackie Zagon, artist

Website: www.jackiezagon.com

Preferred contact via e-mail address: j.zagon@mchsi.com

jackie zagon Giraffe Mom & Baby 8x10


Darlene Tighe, Photographer


DDCTighe (Instagram)


Barn Panorama

darlene tighe barn panarama


Barbara Wachter, Artist

Website: http://www.barbarawachter.com/

Contact by e-mail: bjwachter@stoneport.com