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October 2018

Featured Artists

Jenkins Gallery:

Karin Neuvirth “Vibrant Nature”


Visual artist, Karin Neuvirth is best known for her textural acrylic paintings of wooded landscapes which she refers to as treescapes. Her current style of painting involves many layers of paint, which she applies with a palette knife utilizing the technique of using broken color to create a sense of movement within her work. Color is the most prominent element in her work. In order to form a more thorough understanding of color, she chooses to mix all of the colors that she uses from only the primary colors and white.

Karin grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota where the winters were always difficult for her. The cold grey days took a toll on her mood, but as she developed her style of painting, she found that the vibrant colors helped her to combat the melancholy that the weather caused her. Color has always been the focus of Karin’s work, but when she moved to Durham, North Carolina in 2011, she began to work with a palette knife and developed her current style of textural acrylic paintings.

Link to Karin’s website:

Come check out her work (a sampling below)…

516 Gallery:

Dan Trevors “Nature At Its Best”

Dan Trevors is a serious professional photographer, although he rarely sells his work for much more than the cost of his materials.  Dan specializes in nature photography and enjoys close-up or macro imaging, but he also dabbles in most every aspect of his craft.  He cuts his own mats, does his own framing and sometimes builds his own wood frames.  He is as comfortable with post production imaging software as he is behind the lens.  Dan has been shooting for more than 60 years and has an inventory of over one hundred thousand digital images and countless prints, slides and negatives.

Dan grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, lived in Fresno California for a few years and spent most of his 38-year career with the IRS in Washington D.C.  Dan’s wife Dale also enjoys photography.  He has two children and four grandchildren who he enjoys photographing.  Dan retired in 2004 and currently resides in Hertford on Deep Creek, just off Little River.

His dad, Elmer Trevors, taught photo microscopy at Lowell Technological Institute in Massachusetts in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Much of Dan’s passion was inspired by his dad.

Dan is currently a member of the Arts of the Albemarle Photography Club and served as its president for two years.  He loves to shoot along the North Carolina waterways, but his favorite venue is his own back yard.  He has won numerous awards for his images including a first, second and third place winner at the annual Arts of The Albemarle Photography Contest.

The collection on display represent Dan’s favorite images primarily of “Nature at its best”…

Sampling below…

Also Featured…

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