The 516 Gallery


The 516 Gallery is intended to introduce new artists to our community.

Artist benefits:

– A cohesive, professional looking exhibition of the artist’s work in the front retail space at The Center;

– An artists’ reception on the First Friday of the month;

– Vinyl signage of the artist’s name on in the 516 Gallery near your exhibition;

– Artist statement displayed in the 516 Gallery and also stored in a gallery binder available to the public;

– Promotional postcards announcing the 516 Gallery monthly exhibitors;

– Artist’s name listed on AOA promotional material and email; and

– A ‘Featured Artist’ listing on AOA website.


The 516 Gallery program is open to all artists working in any medium.  Sculpture, glass and jewelry artists will be combined with 2-dimensional artists.


What is the 516 Gallery?

The 516 Gallery is the front space of The Center, located to the right of the front desk. The space offers 13 feet of wall space, as well as 2 columns for display.

How can I get my work exhibited in the 516 Gallery?

Shows in the 516 are by invitation only. For consideration, contact our Gallery Manager, Darlene Tighe.

What kind of work should I display?

The 516 Gallery program is a great opportunity to showcase your newest and freshest work!

What do you mean by a “series”?

A series of work is a cohesive body.  In order to build a stronger application, artists are recommended to submit work that goes together.  Generally, a series will be works of the same media, palette, style and subject matter.

Contact our Gallery Manager, Darlene Tighe if you are interested in showcasing your work in the 516 Gallery!